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The Transfer Windows are your chance to strengthen your Fantasy Stable and draft in horses set to run over the coming week

Every stable will received 4 Transfer Credits every Wednesday to use to swap horses in and out of their team.

To make a change, just login, click on the Stable you wish to make a change to, select the horse you want to replace, select the horse you want to add then hit save. Remember to press save!

All points already scored are locked into your stable, so now is your chance to swap out horses that have already ran for your stable and draft in horses running over the next week.

You only have until 12pm on Saturday to make changes to your stable and the credits can’t be carried over.

Use them or lose them. You can even swap your Super Stable Star if you want.

All changes are like for like, so you can only swap a horse from pot 1 with another from pot 1.