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Here’s how it works

Each week the winner of the Weekly Fantasy Horse Racing competition will win a small prize. They will also be entered into the Sweepstakes Final where they will have the chance to win a share in a racehorse with The Owners Group. There’s no limit to the amount you can win. So the more you win, the more horses you’ll have in the sweepstake race, yet to be decided . if you win 5 weeks, you’ll get 5 horses

The draw for the sweepstakes will take place on the Friday night before sweepstake race and you’ll be able to watch live on Facebook. Then it’s winner takes all. Whoever’s horse wins the race, wins the share in a racehorse for the season


  • Full information on YOUR horse, including weekly reports from the trainer. Your weekly update will be emailed to you, and is also available via website or automated telephone line.
  • Share the prize money. All net prize money that your horse earns is divided between the Owners.
  • Free stable visits to your horse’s yard. Owners Group gives you an opportunity to visit the yards of some of the top trainers in the country. Subject to availability, you will be able to see your horse and some of the other stars from the stable, meet your trainer, and experience a day you will never forget. Stable visits are free for owners to attend. View a video with stable visit information.
  • Regular video updates. We produce a wide number of videos, which may include race reports, future plans, stable visit updates and more. Videos are free to watch via the website. View sample videos.
  • Opportunity to apply for owners’ badges, whenever your horse runs. This is a truly memorable experience, particularly if your horse is a winner!
  • A monthly magazine. The full-colour magazine will include updates on each Owners Group horse, as well as many interesting features including owner correspondence and stories, photographs, horseracing news and much more.
  • Welcome pack, including share certificate.
  • VAT Refund Scheme. All Owners Group clients have the opportunity to apply to have the VAT element of their share payments to Owners Group refunded.
  • Betting information. If/when your horse has been declared to run, the latest betting information and a report from the trainer in respect of how he or she thinks the horse may run will be sent to all owners.
  • Free email and text message service. Including a text message whenever your horse is declared to run!
  • Plus so much more!